a couple  hiking in the Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park in South Tyrol

The Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park

The Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park is one of the largest protected areas in South Tyrol. It's a fascinating place, a solemn natural paradise which has inspired myths and legends which have been passed on until this very day.

The approx. 2,500 acres of the Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park extend across the communities of Braies, Dobbiaco, Badia, Marebbe, Valdaora and La Valle. Traffic is prohibited in the park and it is accessible only by bike or on foot. For this reason, lots of species of animals like eagles, marmots and chamois have chosen it as their habitat. In addition, the park is interested in the phenomenon of karstification: The water crumbles the rock forming an unforgettable natural pathway with wells and crevices in the rocks.

In the Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park there are also two lakes of extreme beauty: Dobbiaco Lake, which is located in Valle di Landro is home to diverse species of birds and Braies Lake, the largest lacustrine basin in the Dolomites.

The Fanes Senes Braies Nature Park's visitor's centre is located in San Vigilio di Marebbe and inside it you'll find various sections dedicated to all of the different aspects of the park, such as the flora, the fauna, the formation of the Dolomia rocks, the Ursus Ladinicus bear amongst others. The Fanes Nature Park is ideal for coming into contact with unspoiled nature. Come and discover!