Climbing in the Dolomites at San Vigilio di Marebbe

Climbing in the Dolomites is one of the summer activity highlights at San Vigilio di Marebbe, an area rich in walks, alpine hikes and climbing of every level of difficulty. A paradise for all passionate mountaineers.

There are three different places close to San Vigilio di Marebbe which are ideal for climbing:

  • The climbing wall Nea

    The cliff is located between San Vigilio di Marebbe and Pederü. It is signposted along the road, from where it is reachable by following the path that crosses the forest and rubble. Not being used very often, some grips may be neglected and dirty. The difficulty varies from 5c to 7a.

  • The climbing wall Vedla

    To get to the climbing wall follow the signs posted along the state road between San Viglio di Marebbe and Pederü. This climbing wall is located in the same area as the Nea wall. You are recommended to use a helmet when climbing. It is also suitable for the less expert as the difficulty of the courses range from 3 (6 courses) to 6c.

  • The climbing wall Pederü

    To get to this climbing wall you reach the Pederü hut. From there you take the little road that leads you to Fodara Vedla hut. It is possible to enter the walls at the first and third turns. The courses that are here are almost all single pitches with levels of difficulty from 5a to 7a.

Those who love more original courses can tackle other climbing walls like:

  • The pavements of Cima Nove

    Over 3,000 metres in height and made up of long courses of a few hundred metres in length with smooth rock faces. The level of difficulty varies from 3 to 6+. The most renowned of these are the Heidi and Direttissima Messner trails.

  • Col Bechei

    These are marked fixed-aid climbing trails on the southern walls suitable only for experts with levels of difficulty from 6 to 9. To ensure safety, you should be in the company of an alpine guide.

Do you prefer fixed-aid climbs? Then the secured paths of the Furcia Rossa-Via della Pace at Gran Fanes is ideal. The fixed-aid climb has been recently renovated by alpine guides and leads climbers across the scenes of the World War I front.