close up picture of some men's traditional shoes and socks during a folk festival in San Vigilio di Marebbe

Ladin culture: The statue of Catarina Lanz and other things worth visiting

Would you like to get to know San Vigilio di Marebbe and its Ladin culture and traditions better? Visit the parish church or discover the exploits of the local hero Catarina Lanz. You'll discover that San Vigilio di Marebbe has lots to offer and you'll get to know the fascinating Ladin culture. If you'd like to sample this atmosphere and see the following attractions in person, don't hesitate to consult the list of accommodations and book your holiday.

Catarina Lanz, the legendary hero of Tyrol

Catarina Lanz is a legendary figure and a symbol of freedom in Tyrol. Also known as the maiden of Spinga, she is commemorated in San Vigilio di Marebbe with a statue in the village centre.

Catarina was born in 1771 in San Vigilio di Marebbe. At the age of 25 she moved to Spinga in the Isarco Valley to learn German. It was here that on 2 April 1797, Napoleons' troops attacked South Tyrol, which was staunchly defended by a group of combatant Tyroleans. Amongst them, was Caterina Lanz who was standing on the cemetery wall and was intent on driving away the enemy forces with a pitch fork.

Catarina Lanz returned to her hometown and at the age of 80 she was the housekeeper of a priest in Andraz, district of Livinallongo del Col di Lana. Here, she won the confidence of the reverend's brother, the theology student Carlo Maneschg, to whom she revealed her identity. When she died in 1854, she was buried with military honours. She is still remembered today for her courage in battle.

The parish church at Pieve di Marebbe

The parish church at Pieve di Marebbe is a sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel. It's a famous shrine often visited by pilgrims. The church has the shape of a cross and is characterised by its baroque structure with the exception of the belfry, a gothic tower of some 56 metres.

The internal bears witness to some works by local artists such as the high alter, realised in 1712 by Michael Rasner, a famous artist from Brunico.

The parish church at San Vigilio di Marebbe

The church at San Vigilio is situated at the centre of the village close to the statue of Catarina Lanz. The first documents confirming the existence of the church date back to 1293. Towards 1780, the old building was refurbished with a new structure holding important works of art.

On the ceiling which overlooks the altar, you'll find the homily of Saint Francis Xavier in Goa, and on the nave's vault the fresco depicting the martyrdom of San Vigilio. Amongst the works of art, there are some by Matthäus Günther, a German painter from the 18th century.

At the parish church in San Vigilio, you can also admire the side choirs, the pulpit, the pulpit of the effigy of Mary and the fourteen Stations of the Cross by the painter Karl Henrici (1737 – 1823), an artist who was specialised in frescoes, who was widely admired in and around Bolzano.