a man dressed in red and black is cross country skiing in the Dolomites

Cross-country skiing in the Dolomites

It's possible to practice cross-country skiing in the Dolomites in San Vigilio di Marebbe on all of the tracks of the Plan de Corones ski resort in Trentino South Tyrol.

Have you never dreamt of finding a track of a decent length and perfect slopes immersed in enchanting scenery? At San Vigilio di Marebbe you can go cross-country skiing on a track that leaves from the centre of the village and stretches along Val Mareo as far as Pederü Hut. The track is 24 km long, has a difference in altitude of 347 m and is ideal for undertaking with the classical style or by skating.

The beginning of all the round tracks is close to the centre of San Vigilio in the direction of Pederü. Proceed along the cross-country track and come into contact with the unspoiled nature of the Fanes, Senes Braies Nature Park. Depending on your fitness level, you can decide to turn at different points where you'll find different round tracks of different distances and levels of difficulty.

Round track Name Length (km) Difference in altitude (metres)
Round track 1 School ground 0,5 5
Round track 2 Ciamaor 3,5 20
Round track 3 Lè dla Creda – Creta Lake 6 60
Round track 4 Plan Pecei 8 80
Round track 5 Fodara Masaron 10 140
Round track 6 Pederü 24 347